Term 2 Homework Due Friday 20th June


This term there will be a focus on persuasive writing. It will be your job during the homework period to write a persuasive piece on one of the following topics:

  1.      Scoreboards should be banned at Junior sporting matches.
  2.      Social Media (facebook,twitter, etc) is affecting our ability to talk to one another.
  3.      Canteens should only sell healthy foods.
  4.      Soft drinks and fast food should not be sold to children under the age of 18.

hamburger model

Remember, each of your paragraphs needs to have the following structure as shown to the left.   Example: First paragraph

Obesity is becoming a very concerning health problem for Australians. Doctors have warned citizens that if they do not watch what they eat and start exercising more they could end up dying of serious health problems. Doctor Nevario, a leading health specialist said if something isn’t done quickly, we could face more strokes, heart attacks or even death in the near future. Data suggests that overall, people are choosing less healthy options and doing far less exercise than they were 10-20 years ago. We need to go back to our healthier days to ensure a healthier future for our nation.




Reading should occur nightly and must be tracked using the supplied reading tracker. Please see your teacher if you have misplaced yours.


After each nightly reading, a short summary can be recorded in a homework book, in Google Drive or in Evernote. This is to check for your understanding of the text.


It would be great to see you read a balance of fiction and non-fiction texts because this will help you build up your vocabulary and understand a greater variety of topics.



Times tables must be practised nightly to ensure fluency and automatic recall of answers. Only practise those times tables which you have not mastered yet. Write them down, say them, race yourself and others at home. Whatever your method is, do it!

The task

Plan and design your own “dream house” within certain cost constraints. Here are the budget, cost, and building rules you will have to work with.

You will have $400,000 to spend altogether.
The land for the house costs $100,000.
Construction of “regular” rooms (traditional rooms with no special requirements) costs $75 per square metre.
Construction of “special” rooms (requiring special wiring, plumbing, or unusual materials) costs $150 per square metre. Any remaining money may be used to furnish your rooms. All items must have a cost attached to them and must be included in your budget.
All houses must include a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room.
Rooms and hallways must have reasonable areas.
The overall design must be convenient and practical (e.g., provide easy access to rooms, allow for privacy, include doors and hallways in practical locations, etc.).
The number of sides to your floor plan should be limited, to avoid a sprawling, awkward design.
To get started, you will:
Complete a rough draft of your floor plan by cutting out the rooms from graph paper.
Record the calculations of the area and cost on the cut-out of the room.
Track your budget on a running budget sheet (“Budget Update”).

house plan

An example of a finished house design, with all living spaces included and a clear and simple layout.

graph_paper_0.25_cm_001 Link for graph paper needed for house design (One square = 1 square metre)



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    • Faezah, this has always been an option. It is your responsibility while at school to print the homework off so you can have a hard copy at home. When you come back Friday you can print it then. We will give you a few extra days to complete it. Say by Thursday next week.

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