Homework due Friday 21st March

Welcome to 5/6 Homework 2014. This year homework will be available on this blog site. Students have the option of completing their homework either on Google docs, in a Word document on the computer or in a hard copy.

Students will need to bring their homework in each Friday, but the end result is not due until Friday 21st March. Students need to learn to manage their time so that they complete the homework over a longer period of time than in previous year levels.

If students require any help with homework they should ask their classroom teacher prior to the due date.



You will need to read every night and record your reading on the reading tracker.  While you are reading focus on the CAFE strategies that we have covered in class as well as your individual goals. Complete each of the following activities while reading;

– Use your prior knowledge and experiences to make predictions about the text, supporting your predictions with evidence.

– Use post it notes to ask questions before, during and after reading to help monitor your understanding.

– Visualise while reading, creating mind pictures and movies in your head. Draw a picture to represent your visualisation.

– Summarise what you have read remember key ideas, events and details.

This term we are focussing on narrative writing. Using one of the pictures below as a prompt, write a narrative. Make sure you include a plan and that your narrative is structured correctly with a clear orientation, complication and resolution. Also ensure that you are using ‘show and not tell’ writing to hook the reader in.

Complete the following budgeting activity;

What is a budget?

A budget is a list that helps you remember how much money you have to buy things.

How to make a budget;

1. Write down the money that you get.

2. Write down the money that you spend when you buy things.

 Here is how it works:

If your parents give you $2 a week for pocket money, then your “Income” (or Money) is $2.

If you want to buy a toy that costs $6, then you know you won’t have enough money yet. You only have $2 now.

So you have to earn 4 more dollars to buy the toy.

$6 Toy

  1. $2 “Income” (Money) = $4 Still Needed to Buy the Toy.

If you save your allowance for three weeks, then you can buy the toy!

$2 Week 1 Allowance + $2 Week 2 Allowance + $2 Week 3 Allowance = $6 Total “Income” (Money)

If you save your money for three weeks, you will have enough money to buy the toy!

Your challenge is to create a ‘make believe’ budget for the next 4 weeks. We will give you $25 a week in imaginary money (a total of $100) which will need to last you until homework is due. You will need to use catalogues and/or websites (e.g. Woolworths and Coles) to budget enough money for you to purchase essential foods that you will need to survive (and maybe some treats if you budget well) e.g. bread, milk, meat etc.

Below is an example of a budget which might help to get you started. Don’t forget that the $25 needs to last you for the week. You will be paid your ‘imaginary money,’ each Friday, so don’t over spend.

Sample Weekly Budget for Kids Money


How Much Money Do I Have?


How I Got the Money






$2 a week for helping Mom & Dad


Birthday Money




$5 from Grandma in my birthday card


Other Money


50 Cents


I found two quarters in the sofa!


All Of My Money Together




All my money added up


Things I need to Buy


How Much Does It Cost?


Why I Want To Buy It


New Toy




I saw it at the toy store and I like it!


Birthday Gift for Mom (Ring)




Mom will like the pretty ring!


Candy Bar


60 Cents


Buy a Candy bar at School


What it All Costs




Everything I want to buy together


Do I have enough money?


(Money – Cost)




Oops! I don’t have enough money yet! I still need $3.10.



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  1. Hello, Mrs Cotter, Miss Mclure and Mr Pearson,
    I have a question about the maths activity.
    Do we get a oven or a stove to cook some food on/in?
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