Due 13th December

You must read EVERY NIGHT.

During your reading complete 5 activities from the list below-

  • Postcard: write a postcard to a character in the book, explaining how you feel about their actions.
  • Mapmaker: draw a detailed map of the book’s setting.
  • Moviemaker: write a “pitch” to a producer explaining why the story would or would not make a great movie.
  • Trailer: if your book was going to be made into a movie, which scenes would be the best to put into a trailer? Create a story board which outlines the best scenes in the book for this.
  • Billboard: as in the movies, take what seems the most compelling image(s) and create an ad for the book if it were to be made into a movie.
  • Adjective-itis: pick five adjectives for the book or character(s), and explain how they apply.
  • Collage: create a collage around themes or characters in the book.
  • Book Review: write a review of your book.     
  • Dear Author: write to the author of your book, asking any questions about the book.
  • Timeline: create a timeline that includes the events in the novel.
  • Gender-Bender: rewrite a scene and change the gender of the characters to show how they might act differently e.g. how would Boys Without Names be different if the main character was a female?
  • Fictional Friends: who of all the characters would you want for a friend? Why? What would you do or talk about together?
  • State of the Union: the Prime Minister wants to recommend a book to the nation: tell him one important realization you had while reading this book and why he should recommend it.
  • Dear Diary: keep a diary as if you were a character in the story. Write down events that happen during the story and reflect on how they affected the      character and why.


Choose a fun/interesting procedure to write at home.

Make sure your procedure includes:

– a relevant title.

– goal.

– materials.

– steps.

– relevant images or diagrams.


Answer the following questions:

1.  Miss Spink was driving home when she spotted a big green gorilla on the side of the road. She screeched to a stop, jumped out of her car. She saw the outline of a number on the gorilla. She couldn’t quite see the number, but she knew it was a 4 digit number. And:

She remembered seeing a number 1.

In the hundreds place she remembers the number is 3 times the number in the thousands place.

She said the number in the ones place is 4 times the number in the tens place.

Finally she said the number 2 is sitting in the thousands place.

What is the number?

2. Mrs Cotter bought 7 t-shirts, one for each of seven of her friends, for $9.95 each. The cashier charged her an additional $13.07 in sales tax. She left the store with  $7.28. How much money did Mrs Cotter start with?


a) If you saved $2.00 on January 1, $4.00 on February 1, $6.00 on March 1, $8.00 on April 1, and so on, how much money would you save in one year?

b) If you saved $2.00 on January 1, $4.00 on February 1, $8.00 on March 1, $16.00 on April 1, and so on. How much money would you save in one year?

4. Miss Zinghini made a list of all the whole numbers between 1 to 100. How many times did she write the number 2?


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