Due 19th September


2. Choose a two characters from any book, short story, play, poem and describe the character. Remember to include-

  • What the character looks like
  • How the character acts
  • How other characters react to this character
3. Find and interesting newspaper article. Summarise the information in your own words and write the main points from the article. Discuss any pictures included, why do you think the editor chose those images and why?

Choose a topic relating to our Big Idea of Survival and write an information report.

For lunch, Emma, Rosa, and Vanya each bring a sandwich (a tuna roll, a turkey wrap, or a veggie wrap) and a drink (water, milk, or apple juice). Both Rosa and Emma bring wraps. Vanya does not drink juice. Emma does not eat fish or meat and is allergic to apple
juice. The person who brings tuna doesn’t bring water. What does each person bring for lunch?

What is the question?

What are the sandwiches and drinks?

What do you know about:

a. Emma? b. Rosa? c. Vanya?

What other fact do you know?

The train from Point Pleasant leaves at 5:47 and arrives in Long Branch 33 minutes later. After waiting at theLong Branch station for 14 minutes, the train leaves for New York. The trip from Long Branch to New York takes 1 hour 20 minutes. What time does the train
arrive in New York?

Maddy takes the train from Point Pleasant to Long Branch. She needs 12 minutes to walk from her apartment to the Point Pleasant train station and 12 minutes to walk from the Long Branch train station to her office. How long does it take Maddy to get from
her apartment to her office?

Mr. Martinez owns his own business. As a salary, he earns 2.5 times as much as Juan. Mr. Martinez makes $2,000 each week. How much is Juan paid per week?
Complete any Mathletics or Literacy Planet tasks.

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