Homework due Friday 24th August

Due- Friday 24th August

Homework is to be uploaded to Google Drive and the tracking sheet updated every Friday for check-in. 




You must read EVERY week night. Your Home Reading Log is to be returned to school for checking every Wednesday and Friday.

Investigate new and interesting words –

1.  You must choose a book or two (fiction or non-fiction).

2. Each time you come across a word you can not pronounce, haven’t heard of, or you think may be a new or interesting word, you must record it down. You must have a minimum of 10 words.

3. Find the meaning of these new words.

4. Find some synonyms for these words.

5. Use these words in a complex sentence.


New words: Cling

Meaning: hold on tightly.

Synonym: grasp, adhere, hold onto.

Sentence: As Jane slipped from the clifftop, she managed to cling to Joe’s arm.



Collect at least four seeds for your Writer’s Notebook


Make an attempt to write 3 different types of poems. Choose a type of poem from the 25 different poems we read in class.

E.g. 5Ws poem, taste poem, concrete poem.



1. The bus arrives at the town centre at 10.30, at the market at

12.00, the library at 14.00 and the museum at 16.05. How long
does it take to get from the market to the museum?

2. If a snail travels 3mm in 5 minutes, how far will it travel in half

an hour?

3. Bob is 20cm taller than Sam. Sam is 15cm shorter than

Alan. Alan is 1m15cm tall. How tall is Bob? How tall is

4. Dad needed 7m of wood to build some shelves. He already

had 125cm of wood. How much more did he need to buy?

5. Pete went swimming. Each length of the pool was 50m long.

He swam 6 lengths. How many lengths more does he have to
swim so that he has swum 500m in total?
6. Simplify the following fractions:
a) 24/48 =
b) 36/54 =
c) 27/33 =
d) 32/48 =
e) 40/110 =

Literacy Planet-

Complete at least one Literacy Planet task per week.

Complete at least one Mathletics task per week.



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