Homework Due Thursday 27th June

Due- Thursday 27th June

Homework is to be uploaded to Google Drive and the tracking sheet updated every Friday for check-in. 

Homework tracking


You must read EVERY week night. Your Home Reading Log is to be returned to school for checking every Wednesday and Friday. 

Investigate a book-

1. You must choose a book (fiction or non-fiction) – Ensure this is a different text to investigate. Each task you complete should be about the same text.

2. You must complete one activity from each section of the investigate a book grid- (You must choose activities you have not already completed)

  • Remembering
  • Understanding
  • Applying
  • Analysing
  • Evaluating
  • Creating


3. Be read to- you are never too old for a parent or older brother or sister to read to you, ask them to read a page or two of your book. What strategies are they using when they read?


Collect at least four seeds for your Writer’s Notebook

Narrative Writing-

Find two narrative texts. One you have enjoyed and one you may not have liked very much.

Make a list of the features you notice the author using.

Describe the setting, characters, plot and problem for each text.

Find a sentence or paragraph that uses “show not tell” discuss how it makes you feel.

Describe why you liked or didn’t like the stories.

Describe some connections you made while reading. WHat did the author do in order for you to make the connections?

What if? 

Think about were you are right now. Look at the room around you. Think about who is with you.

Write at least 10 ‘What If’ statements. Use your imagination!



A city wants to plant 4 trees on each block. How many trees will the city need for 784 blocks?

At the aquarium, posters of sharks cost $5 and posters of jellyfish cost $9. Mr. Skinner spent $55 to buy 7 posters. How many of each type of poster did Mr. Skinner buy?

Edmundo’s Floral Shop needs to post 133 cheques to the bank. If they can put 5 cheques in each envelope, how many cheques will be in the final envelope?

At an amusement park, a group of 51 people wants to ride the roller coaster. If each car on the roller coaster holds 7 people, how many people will be in the partially full car?

Of the 16 students in Mrs. Oliver’s art class, one-eighth are in sixth grade. How many sixth graders are in Mrs. Oliver’s art class?

Kiet had $29.80 to spend at the toy store. He bought 2 toy cars that cost $1.70 each and a race track that cost $6.65. How much money does Kiet have left to buy more toys?

In Chung-Hee’s classroom there are red chairs, yellow chairs, and blue chairs. There are 6 red chairs. There are 3 times as many yellow chairs as red chairs, and there are 6 fewer blue chairs than yellow chairs. How many chairs are there in Chung-Hee’s classroom?


 Literacy Planet-

Complete at least one Literacy Planet task per week.

Complete at least one Literacy Planet task per week.

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