Homework Due- 24th May

Due- Friday 24th May 
Homework is to be brought to school every Friday for check-in. 


You must read EVERY week night. Your Home Reading Log is to be returned to school for checking every Wednesday and Friday. 
Investigate a book-
1. You must choose a book (fiction or non-fiction) and let Mrs Cotter and Miss Spink know by the Friday of week 2 (26th April)
2. You must complete one activity from each section of the investigate a book grid- (You must choose activities you have not already completed in Term 1)
  • Remembering
  • Understanding
  • Applying
  • Analysing
  • Evaluating
  • Creating
3. Be read to- you are never too old for a parent or older brother or sister to read to you, ask them to read a page or two of your book. What strategies are they using when they read?



You might be surprised at how many people and businesses are trying to convince you to do things every
day. You only have to watch commercials, read the paper, look at the ads in your magazines, or read the
billboards as you’re driving home to see that persuasion is all around you.
For your homework find a persuasive piece to bring to or share about in class. It can be an article in
the newspaper, a letter to the editor, a movie or book review, a commercial, or an advertisement in a
magazine or newspaper.
Once you have found your persuasive piece, answer the questions below.
1. Where did you find your persuasive example?
2. Who is trying to persuade you?
3. What are they trying to persuade you to do?
4. Do you think their argument is convincing? Why or why not?
Post your response in Edmodo to share with the rest of the class. 

Write a persuasive text- Graffiti- is it art or vandalism? 
Remember to use persuasive devices to help convince your audience.


Complete the following problem solving questions. Remember to show your working out. Sometimes there may be more than one answer.
1. A bike shop was selling bicycles and tricycles. In the shop there are 25 wheels. How many bicycles and how many tricycles could there have been?
2. Sarah collected 50 seashells over a period of 5 days. Each day she collected 3 more than he had the day before. How many shells did Sarah collect?
3.170 students are going by bus to the beach for an excursion. If each bus can hold 40 students, how many buses need to be used?
4. Calculate the number of seconds in 2 hours.
5. Amy lives 40 minutes walk from school. How long does she spend walking to and from school over 3 days?

 Literacy Planet-

Complete at least one Literacy Planet task per week.

Complete at least one Literacy Planet task per week.

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